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AlarmWatch Range

The Hanwell Pro AlarmWatch range are remote temperature sensors designed to provide alarm notifications for a multitude of parameters.

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Hanwell Pro AlarmWatch Remote Sensor

SMS alarm notification of temperature breach

The AlarmWatch units are part of the GSM-based Watch series. These devices offer different combinations of temperature and volt-free contact inputs and are designed for remote alarm applications. The units send SMS messages as a watchdog or on an alarm condition being breached. All products in the Watch range are truly stand-alone and are suitable for use in the most remote locations. The only limitation of use is the availability of a GSM signal. The AlarmWatch units are battery powered with the batteries being user-replaceable. They have a life expectancy of around two years (depending on usage). The unit can also be powered by 12V if required.

Many GSM alarm units use off-the-shelf GSM modems. These GSM modems have a habit of losing communication usually due to problems with the network; this may only happen once or twice a year and normally all that is required is a simple manual reset of the modem module. Not that easy however if it is 200 miles away, the costs associated with someone traveling to site are high. Watch series products use our own proven GSM communication modules. The GSM module has an onboard microcontroller acting as a watchdog for the modem. Should any problem with network connectivity be detected the modem will be automatically reset and reconnected to the network.

The system stores up to 8 destination telephone numbers for SMS messages. Once an alarm has been registered the alarm message is sent to the first programmed number. If there is no response the other numbers are called in order until a response is received. The delay time for a response is user programmable. The Alarm message contains alarm number, alarm information and site name. All setup is done via the USB interface using the simple setup program, which is supplied free. A heartbeat message can be programmed at user-defined intervals, low battery text message is sent when there is a low battery. SIM card required.


Product Features

  • High-performance GSM technology
  • Up to 2 years battery life (depending on usage)
  • Superior performance hardware with high accuracy temperature sensors (AW02 and AW03)
  • User accessible battery and USB socket
  • Complies with RoHS, EU and WEEE directives
  • Carries CE Marking


  • Provides users with critical alarm notifications
  • Allows deployment in remote locations
  • Can be used with vast range of digital sensors i.e. float switches
  • Provides users with the tools to remotely monitor critical plant and systems
  • No computers or software required. The range is completely standalone.

Download the Datasheet : ARB module Datasheet

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